British Citizens Can Begin Vacations To 12 Countries

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After months of banning its citizens from international travel, the UK will allow its citizens to travel to a number of countries on holiday from 17 May.

“Today marks the first step in our return to prudent international travel, with measures designed to protect public health and ensure we don’t waste our hard-earned profits this year,” said UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps.

However, the UK has only included 12 countries and territories on the green list, including Portugal, Israel, New Zealand, Australia and the Faroe Islands. Meanwhile, the four favorite destinations of British citizens for vacation such as Spain, France, Italy and the United States have not been included in the list of countries that may be visited. All four countries fall into the amber category, which requires self-isolation for those returning to the UK.

As for Turkey, another major holiday destination is on the red list

Traveling there requires travelers to spend 10 days quarantined in a hotel on their return and they pay for it themselves.

In addition, the legal ban on all non-essential international travel will be lifted for the first time since January. The government says people should still avoid traveling to countries on the yellow or red list for vacations.

Meanwhile, airlines, travel agents and tourist attractions in southern Europe have been waiting for visits by Britons, who cost a fortune to start traveling again, but they will have to wait a few months longer for a full recovery.

Those traveling to countries on the green list must take two Covid-19 tests, one prior to return to the UK and another within two days of returning.