Enjoy an authentic Hawaiian wedding

The Hawaiian wedding is one of the most loved wedding styles. This ceremony is held on the beach with all guests dressed in white with flowers as the protagonists.


When organizing it yourself, you will need to consider many aspects, including clothing, music, Miami wedding venues, and flower use.


The bride and groom will decide which ceremony they would like to perform. The Hawaiian wedding is popular. This option will bring the best vibes and good emotions. How do you organize it?


The Ceremony


The Kahuna will officiate the ceremony. This is the most popular type of wedding for ceremonies on the beach. There are many rituals involved in Hawaiian weddings. First, you need to know that these ceremonies are held at the beach because the sea holds a special meaning for Hawaiians.


It will also have to take place on the 11th night of each month. The ceremony will end at dawn. The Kahuna will manage the ceremony. They will be a teacher, priest, or counselor. If you do not wish to follow these precepts but still want to have a Hawaiian-style wedding, you can hire anyone you trust to take over this role.


The music


The soundtrack will be broken into separate parts. The Ke Kali Nei Au is popular. It will be played at the groom’s arrival. Conch shells are needed to make the sound of the bride’s entrance. These shells are used to call the Earth, Sea, Air, Fire, and see what is happening.


Leis exchange or Hawaiian wreaths


It is important to give the exchange of Leis and Hawaiian garlands the attention it deserves. The garland groomsmen will arrive, who will hold the leis for the groom and bride and their parents. The godmother will hand the groom’s garland to the bride when she arrives at the altar with her father. The groom will then take the other garland and place it on the bridal. Next, the parents of the bride and groom will place the garlands on their children. This will typically be a pikake lei and a maile lei.


The ritual of the sand


The hourglass ritual involves pouring sand into a glass filled with two colors. Each color represents the groom and bride. Hawaiian tradition dictates that the sand must be from the origin of the bride and groom.


White clothing should be worn by the bride and groom.


The groom and bride should both wear white clothing. The bride, called hookup, may wear a long dress. They also wear a red-colored belt around their waist. The typical tropical flowers used for decoration will be used. They will be placed in a circular arrangement called the ‘circle of love.’


Fruit must be included on the banquet plates.


The banquet will feature white linen tables and colorful fruit centerpieces. It will be important to clarify that Hawaiian cuisine mixes American, Chinese, and Japanese food. Poi, poi, and Lomi Lomi salmon are the most well-known dishes. The choice is up to you and your future husband.


Now you know how to prepare an authentic Hawaiian wedding. Enjoy your day! And live happily ever after!