Travel Tips for Long Trips by Car Before You Go!

Long travel trip distances by car must be very exciting, right, friend. Especially if convoy with friends. It’s true that using a car is more tiring because the time spent on the road is very much. But the moments of togetherness created will be very meaningful. But before leaving, there are tips for long travel trips by car that you must know. You must be curious about what to pay attention to? So, if that’s the case, just take a look at the full information below, friend!

  1. Vehicles

Paying attention to the car that will be used for long travel trips is an obligation. You need to check every part of the car whether it is still in good condition and worth driving.
How to judge the condition of the car is still good or not? The easiest way to do this is to take the car to an official repair shop that is safe and trusted.
Professional technicians in the workshop will definitely understand more about which components are still good or which need to be replaced.

  1. Various Needs

Next you have to pay attention to the items that need to be taken for the trip. Long distances make you, your family and friends spend a lot of time on the streets.
It could be spending half a day or even all day. Not infrequently it also takes days to get to the destination. So what items need to be prepared?

Some examples include pillows or bolsters to make sleeping in the car more comfortable, medicines, stomach-feeding snacks, and so on. In essence, all the items that you and your family need need to be prepared properly so that nothing is left behind.

  1. Understanding the Paths Taken

You also have to understand the route that will be taken. The actual route is easy. You don’t need to memorize like you want to take a test because there is already a directional app that will direct you.
It is enough to understand which toll road you have to pass, how much it will cost, and the location of the rest areas along the road. Also find out if the road conditions are conducive to passing or have to go through other roads.

  1. Obey the Traffic Rules

Obeying traffic rules is the most important point. As a good Indonesian citizen, you should obey traffic rules.
Don’t drive recklessly, look carefully at every posted road sign, keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front, and so on. This is done so that you safely reach your destination.

  1. Avoid Night Driving

Driving at night is actually okay. But it is very prone to accidents because the lighting on the road is not too much. The energy you have is also reduced after driving all day.
Sleepiness can indeed be fought with coffee or eating snacks, but don’t force yourself. Just go to the rest area if you are not strong or sleepy.